Free Email Marketing Software for EVERYONE!

In an effort to compete with the growing popularity of other Email marketing services like Aweber Mailchimp has now made all of its premium features available to free users. In the free economy, this could be a crushing blow to competitors who charge for increased functionality.

What does this mean for you?

Probably nothing. If you already saw the value of MailChimp’s  features you were likely already a paying customer. However, for those who are new to Email marketing or just testing the waters with a free account, this makes Mailchimp more advantageous than ever before to be used to get into Email Marketing.

As we move deeper into the Free Economy we are all going to benefit from companies using these tactics to gain market share of new users. The idea is to get new marketers in early and keep them in Mailchimp. Personally, I think Mailchimp Charges a bit much for their services at each email level however with all of its functionality it’s definitely worth it once you’ve proven Email ROI for your website.

What Email Service are you using?


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