Common Planning Mistakes

Not writing down a list-

Do you write you what you need to do for the day? At the very least you should be writing out your key tasks. The things that you absolutely have to get done. A good to-do list will keep you from focusing too much on one task.

Not setting time limits-

If you put time limits on tasks it adds urgency. Urgency is what gets things done. Without a sense of urgency and limits on the time you give yourself to complete tasks, you can waste time. It’s very easy to spend longer than necessary on tasks without constraints in place.

Taking on too much at once-

Have you ever written a list then sat back and said, “Wow that’s a lot!” Typically if you give yourself a huge helping of things to do all at once you get overwhelmed. At times planning an underwhelming day and keeping a list of extras you can get to once the primary goals are achieved will result in more getting done. There’s less stress to complete a lot at once.


Do you have tips for planning projects? Share them in the comments below! Let’s start a conversation!

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