The 7 Day Startup

Key Takeaways from the book The 7 Day Startup:

  • The writer failed before he saw success. He failed for 13 years.
  • Do not ask for opinions on your idea. If you believe in it others don’t need to.
  • Avoid validation techniques. They don’t tell you long term gains. There is no proof of concept.
  • Email opt-in/beta signup totals do not indicate purchase intent
  • People saying it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it is.
  • People don’t know what they want until they are forced to open their wallets.

The most important thought that I took away from this book was that sometimes it is the simplest idea is the best one for you. The writer saw more gains from a new business working with WordPress sites and then growing his business within a year than from doing his previous business for three years.

This is a great story of persistence. A story where the writer failed multiple times and move his family across the country for his dream. When all hope seems lost his final business works. The culmination of all his efforts takes off in one final attempt at entrepreneurship. The kicker? The final attempt only took 7 days to get up and running.

What’s holding you back? 


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