Why Your Wasting Your Money on Things

You have a bad day, so you buy yourself a new pair of shoes to feel better right? Or maybe like I used to you buy a burger with fries and a drink…. And a slice of pie… if I was having an especially low moment of self-esteem or a lack of purpose I would add on another burger or some mozzarella stick or something with cheese.

You have a great day! You want to celebrate! So you buy that thing you’ve been looking at for weeks. Maybe a new movie or game! Maybe it’s a new dress or a tie!

Either way, you get that immediate satisfaction that we all love so much. That immediate sense of worth, justice, happiness, and fulfillment that our society is training us to lust after. But it’s only fulfilling for a day? Maybe two? If it’s an especially large purchase maybe you feel good for a week? But at the end of the day, you need that feeling again.

We’re all addicts in the consumption economy and we’re all losing for it. We get things instead of experiences. As a society, we are spending more time on the couch than out exploring or experiencing life. Honestly, that’s fine. If you like being on the couch that’s great but if you feel empty. That’s wrong.

You shouldn’t feel empty. You should feel full as a person. Emotionally full with your life. That need for fullness is why we buy buy buy and that’s what drives people to become poor. You fill those material needs and you have nothing left. You fill yourself with material goods and there is only stuff. Stuff that has no meaning. Stuff that takes up spaces. Stuff that you have to store somewhere so you buy storage stuff.

Stop buying stuff to make yourself happy. Instead, make changes to your lifestyle that bring that same feeling out of helping others and having a fulfilling experience. Experiences fill our souls. Things fill our spaces.


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