How to Establish Yourself as an Expert on LinkedIn

So you want the world to see you as the expert that you are? Well, there are only a few key steps you need to establish you as an expert.

  1. Write articles about your expertise. If you are an expert that you surely have the ability to write an article about your topic. Share a quick three-paragraph snippet about the future or a key feature of your expertise. If you are in HR write an article about how to hire in a bad economy or how to hire for the field you hire specifically in. Maybe you are great at hiring Manufacturing staff. Write about the key attributes you look for and how to efficiently fill the positions.
  2. Post Articles about your focus. Should everyone write articles? No. If writing is not your forte take a few minutes at the start of your day to search for your topic. Use and to help you find articles quickly on your topic and share them to LinkedIn.

Gear your profile towards your specialty in every way possible. Your title and every job description should aim towards the establishment that you are the expert. Focus on the key points what you did that established you as an expert. If you are a software developer that specializes in Microsoft ERP products or even more specifically Dynamics GP (Great Plains) than exemplifying that you were an administrator of GP systems or a developer of add-on software for X amount of years. Maybe you started your career focusing on the SQL server and then moved towards a focus on CRM. If you have certifications show them.


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