STOP- 5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Doing

  1. Never feel sorry for your mistakes– They happen. Mistakes will happen again. If you harp on them and hold onto a few poor decisions you may be too fearful to make the right decisions when the time comes
  2. Do not be afraid to give others control over portions of your life– You can’t be in control of everything. At times it may become advantageous to have a person assistant plan out your day.
  3. Do not fear change– Change is a good thing. Change breeds opportunity and opportunity is where businesses flourish.
  4. Do not shy away from Risk– Risk breeds rewards.
  5. You do not have to make everyone happy– Your employees may not like you sometimes. The decisions you make to maintain the business affect more than just yourself. In the end, not everyone is going to like the decisions you make.


Are you an Entrepreneur? Share your experiences as a business owner in the comments below or follow this link to get your free ebooks on Email Marketing and Positivity. 


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