Why You’re Wasting Your Time Ignoring Sales People

Salesmen, we call and call and call then we email. We email you like crazy. Your voicemail is full of our solicitations. You have secretaries who spend half their day keeping us away from you. Have you thought about how much time we are all wasting?

Doing inside sales I tracked my calls and had dozens of prospects that would open and read the emails but wouldn’t respond. But why? You opened it. You at least saw what the email was about. Take two seconds and respond. A simple not interested is enough to stop most salesmen or at least divert them from you for a good month. Which saves you countless emails and voicemails. Not to mention the time savings for your poor assistants.

One prospect I spent a month trying to get a hold of as a result wasting about 8 hours of my time and his assistants time only to find out that I’d been fed incorrect information about the company’s products. (We were selling software that improved very expensive ERP software). After about 30 emails and 30 calls, (I’d been told by the Sales Manager that the VP of Finance was looking for exactly what we were selling) and a good 8 hours of trying to get through the secretary and getting him to respond to one of the 20 emails he opened. I finally got him to tell me he didn’t have the product we worked with.

Why not just tell us Salesmen you don’t need what we’re selling? We listen. If someone wants to sell you accounting software and you just bought a system. Respond. It takes about 10 seconds to type it out. It saves you from us blowing our time on you and saves your inbox from exploding.

Why should you care? Well most top level executives have worked in sales. Why not take 2 minutes a day to treat sales professionals how you wanted to be treated? All a sales person is looking for is a response. We’re here to help (well most of us are) just give us 30 seconds to tell you how. If we can’t convince you to listen more in 30 seconds we deserve to be ignored.


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