8 Best Email Closes

A study performed by the email productivity software provider Boomerang revealed some shocking statistics regarding how we are all ending our emails. Apparently the last few words at the bottom of your email are far more important than most of us would have thought. It’s more than a goodbye or being polite.


Out of 350,000 emails studies, these were the most used sign-offs,

  1. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks
  3. Thank you
  4. Cheers
  5. Kind regards
  6. Regards
  7. Best regards
  8. Best

I’m sure we’ve all gotten all of them multiple times. Personally, I’ve been seeing cheers more and more. The average response rate to emails was 47%. Expressions of gratitude resulted in a 36% increase in response rate. “Thanks in advance” scored highest, 65.7% response rate. “Thanks” landed at 63%, and “thank you” came in third at 57.9%.

Coming down from there best, racked up a solid 51.2% response rate in 8th place.

How can we use this?

Well if you’re using something like “Have a great day” you might want to rethink that and use something that implies gratitude with one or two more words and track your results. Results will vary but at the end of the day, every little tick we can get in percentages to improve ROI(ROI link) counts.

What’s your favorite email automation software? I’m using AWeber currently.



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