What to do When You Fail?

Firstly if you’re reading this I am going to assume you’ve failed recently or that there’s a looming feeling of failure over you. Well, firstly you shouldn’t be reading this article. You shouldn’t be reading any articles on failure. I’ve failed too. I’ve been there. I’ve typed “what to do when you’re business fails” into the search bar before. It’s ok. But no article on failure will help you.


Get up, or click away, or do some market research. Get away from this crap you’re reading about failure. Stop thinking about failing. Go do something else. Move forward. Failure is not a setback it’s a learning opportunity. Take a day or two to recall what you could have done better but don’t fret. We all fail. Be we don’t all try again.

Trying again is the only way to deal with failure. Getting back up when you’re beaten is the only way to win. Failure is never an end. It is a beginning. Stop what you’re doing and start finding your next opportunity. Failure is a fleeting feeling. Success is a feeling that will stay with you forever. Chase it.


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