When do you know you’re an entrepreneur?

The first time I heard someone say hey were going to work on their entrepreneurship I was confused. It was being used as an activity opposed to a description of an activity. Puzzled, I asked what they meant. They were working on a business. Some new social media idea that he’d put on pause foir vas few months because moving had been stressful.

But it stuck with me. Working on my Entrepreneurship. It didn’t sit well. I don’t think entrepreneur’s, at least the ones I know, typically say it like that. I would expect to hear I’m going to work on my business or my website.

But entrepreneur has become a sexy term. The cool thing. Which is great. The more people trying to start businesses the more innovativation we gain.

But you are not an entrepreneur if you are not taking action. You action dreamer. If you can take months off of your passion you are as dreamer. When a dreamer turns thoughts into reality they become an entrepreneur.


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