Giving the Right Impresion with your Emails

Given that we all receive over a hundred emails a day (on average) it’s important to understand why most of those are not converting. Not only are these emails not generating click or revenue for companies, at times they are hurting the overall brand image.

Problem Areas-


If your emails are long you are going to lose the interest of any reader. Remember the last email you got that had 4 paragraphs? Remember how many of those you read? Probably the first sentence. In an email you have about 6-8 seconds to grab a reader’s attention.

CC: –

If you can’t send an email to 1 person you might be having a problem of too many CC’s. There is phenomenon called The Bystander Effect that states that the more people who witness a problem, say a fire, the less chance of someone acting. We all expect someone else to do it. If someone knows that 10 other people go the email all 11 of the recipients may believe the other 10 will take care of it. Take the time to send an email to each person when you can.


Do you sell something complicated? Are you trying to talk about something complicated? Explain it like the prospect is five. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Otherwise you run the risk of alienating your recipient.

Finish thoughts-

Every beginning has an end. Every thought has a point. A half stated problem or focus will do nothing for your business.


What email software do you use?

I use Aweber currently.



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